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If this Map Is Accurate Most of America Should Have Reopened by Now

COVID Deaths in US by Thirds

Map Porn on Reddit has a county map of the entire country. It is divided into thirds by color. It shows where one-third of the COVID deaths occurred (among 4% of the population). The Second third represents 11% of the US Population. And the third – third, well, that would be the rest.

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Eighty-Five percent of the country accounts for only 1/3 of all COVID related deaths. And let’s remember that the coding on those death certificates has been called into question by doctors, funeral directors, and others. 

The map, from Map Porn, is color-coded.

The Red represented one-third (among 4% of the US population, all of it in the care and handling of Mayor Bill duh-Blasio and Gov Andrew Cuomo.

The Yellow is the next third, not surprising surrounding the red areas in greater New York City, Most of New Jersey, From Philadelphia to counties east. Further out in New York State, we see some of that third in Rochester and Buffalo but nowhere in between. And (of course) a big chunk of Connecticut, which is where people from New York take some of their money to live outside the city.

In Massachusetts, we see Boston, counties south to the Cape and north to Lowell and Lawrence – and east to Springfield along the pike.

Further west its Greater Chicago, Illinois, and Detroit, Michigan.

The rest of the nation is the final third, the other 85%, all of which is green.


COVID Deaths in US by Thirds


I’d like to see the underlying data but was not able to locate it. So, I’m not saying this is 100% accurate, but based on news and anecdotal evidence, I’d bet this is damn close to right.

And while the Democrats want to pin anything they can on Trump, most of the local response was managed by Democrats and mayors. And the reopening is on them as well.

The economy was ruined, and the more we learn, the less necessary it was, so it will be interesting to see what comes of that in every state, though I don’t think we’ll see much change from NJ, and NY, up through MA. And as long as Massachusetts is a mess, Chris Sununu will hold us hostage in New Hampshire when all he needs to do is lock down Nursing Homes and Long Term Care facilities.

That and the freedom to manage our own personal risk assessment is all we need, and Granite Stater’s will work it out for themselves. Some will cower at home in fear; others will just get back to it. And we need to get back to it.

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