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Democrats Are Selling Harm to the Nation

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Democrats made hysterical assertions about reopening the economy, and blood on our hands. Their noise is proving to be hysterical wailing and gnashing of teeth.  OMG… Democrats are petrified of the prospect of an economic recovery. But it may be out there.

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The problem

Jason Furman has been terrifying Democratic colleagues with predictions. His work is showing the next few months could bring good news. To quote him “the best economic data we’ve seen in the history of this country.”   He’s a Democrat. You have to allow for hyperbole.

Probably the translation goes something like this. The economy looks like it will pick up. Trump owns the economy. That’s really bad news for us on Election Day. The downside of good news is millions of Americans rejoining the workforce.

Democrats fear that. They are working hard to wreck the economy. Democrats don’t care who it hurts. They don’t care how much it hurts them. President Trump taking credit in the final weeks of his reelection campaign is intolerable. They must acquire more power. Trump must lose. They are in the clutches of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

Furman has been making his case to Democratic policymakers. Former members of the Clinton and Obama administrations are his target. He is also reaching out to senior members of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Many are understandably panicking. The thought of the American economy starting to rebound. OMG, their worst nightmare since election night 2016.

This is Democrats’ big worry. Positive economic data heading into November is their top concern. A growing economy is the biggest challenge for the Biden campaign. The party thinks if Uncle Joe can’t figure this out they should all just go home. Heck, maybe they will listen to their own press and simply stay home.

The solution

Biden’s campaign is very much aware of the devastating impact a booming economy could have. Democrats from the top of the ticket to the bottom are working to create economic problems. If actual problems don’t materialize they will sell imaginary problems if they must. Recent polling suggests Trump is the better candidate when it comes to handling the economy.

Reality says, in absolute terms, the economy will look historically terrible come November. It seems unlikely we’re going to have a really robust recovery in the next few months. But appearing to turn the corner will work in the favor of the President.

The political commentary and media coverage these days seems to be rooting for bad economic news. The bias is so pervasive it is perplexing. They are flummoxed by good news.

Take for example MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace. She was recently celebrating. Yes, she sees the “silver lining” of the deadly pandemic. It makes Trump look bad. Not sure that is actually correct. But it is the media talking point. Democrats are selling harm to the nation, real or perceived.