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Elon Musk Cuts Robert B Reich-ch-ch-ch Down To Size

Elon Must

With California relatively lightly affected by Coronavirus, probably due to early herd immunity, the politicos are determined to cause maximum misery for their subjects. Tesla’s Elon Musk has other ideas, and the job-killers are attacking…

Tesla is suing the state and Alameda county for preventing Tesla restarting production, as well as promising to move Tesla’s HQ to Texas, and for that he was roundly criticized by Lorena Gonzalez, the assemblywoman responsible for killing the most jobs in California (See CA #AB5), but then Clinton Labor Secretary, and so-called economist (in the Krugman vein of economists), Robert B Reich-ch-ch-ch** piled on calling the desire to reopen a business “capitalism at its worst.”

Musk pointedly ignored the assemblywoman as totally unworthy (she is), but cut down the diminutive Reich to an even smaller size with a sharp insult – in Russian! Response 1 was “Sorry,” as in “that’s the way business works,” but followed up with the death blow:

That Cyrillic text translates to “Boring idiot!” Damn! and Reich doesn’t measure up well in the first place.

** Limbaugh exaggeration of Reich’s last name, because the little man seemed to be compensating by overemphasizing that last syllable so that it came out Rei-CH (ch-ch-ch).

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