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Year Of The Bat Celebrated By US Mint!

2020 Q1 Bat Quarter

Either the US Mint employs Nostradamus, or Donald Trump is even better at trolling the ChiComs than we thought! The current series of commemorative quarters from the US Mint are “America The Beautiful” and they celebrate National Parks. Well, the Q1 2020 coin celebrates the National Park of American Samoa, and does so with a picture of fruit BATS on the reverse!

2020 Year of the rat
Year of the Rat Bat unleashes Kung Flu on the world!
Nope, you can’t make this up: While the ChiComs were celebrating their Lunar New Year with a rodent of a different color (It’s the year of the white metal rat), the US Mint had longstanding plans (if you believe their story) to release commemorative bat quarters during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

You can believe in coincidences (or Nostradamus), or you can believe that Trump called down to the mint and said: “Hey, those Bat-Coins you’re lining up – I want them out this quarter, while the Kung Flu is in the news!”

Meanwhile, over at Chick-Fil-A, the cows have decided to get in on the act with a Public Service Announcement that people should “Eat Fewer Bats.” You certainly can’t accuse those cows of being bat guano crazy!

Eat Fewer Bats - The Cows
Babylon Bee: The Chick-Fil-A cows want you to eat healthy!