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The State Economy is on Hold Because 0.04% of the Population Has Had a Confirmed Case of this Flu

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The COVID response is nothing short the classic rhetorical Progressive State of War. The mobilization of society to do battle with some advertised evil. Always with the state exercising increased control over people and property. In New Hampshire, we are doing this for what, exactly?

The single most important thing you need to know is that Democrats wanted, more than anything, to kill the Booming American economy. They thought it would hurt Trump. That is not in dispute. The second thing you need to know is that most people who get this flu will never show symptoms.

Some that get it will have symptoms, but it won’t be Wuhan. Fever, cough, trouble breathing. That’s almost every head and chest cold ever known and quite a few other things as well. It’s no joke. Flu-like Symptoms.

Like every other flu, tens of thousands of those who get it nationwide will die. About 90% of those will be old and have two or more pre-existing conditions. Many of those will die with flu, not because of it. And it’s always a tragedy. But you don’t close the country.

This reaction is a deliberate political over-reaction.

If you’ve not been following our own Ed Mosca on this you should be. He has been leveraging facts against the models used to determine policy in New Hampshire and reality is in no way shape or form coming close to the promised fallout with all the restrictions in place.

Example. As of last night, 0.03% of New Hampshire’s population has a confirmed case of the Chinese Flu. The total number of all cases identified including those who then recovered is 0.04% of the state population. The percentage of the population that was actually hospitalized. 0.006%!

Flattening the curve? There is no curve. Not for the virus.

We do have one for forced unemployment. I don’t have the numbers, but thousands of people have been forced out of work. Tens of thousands more have had hours cut, reducing weekly pay. Some small and mediums sized businesses may well fail or struggle to recover. For what?

The politics of fear. The War on Wuhan, which is actually the Left’s War on Trump.

When the dust settles and the air clears, I think you’ll find that from beginning to end, while Wuhan Flu appeared unusually contagious, this was all about politics and not safety. Democrats were demanding lockdowns in New Hampshire belong before Gov. Sununu issued any orders to do so. The orders he did issue were not as encompassing as the left would have liked.

And no, they were not looking to stop some disease.

They are the party of abortion and death. They believe in culling the population to save the planet. They are the party that wants us all packed into urban centers where any virus can spread faster and find more vulnerable hosts more quickly. They prohibit more sanitary single-use items in favor of things that may stay contaminated. And they are also the party opposing even the mention of likely early treatments that could end the economic embargo by treating the people who have more serious symptoms.


Move to the country. Keep a few extra rolls of toilet paper on hand. Virus models are as bad or worse than climate models. Don’t vote Democrat.

We’re “killing people” economically for no reason. And, the economy will recover if we let it and it looks like the Democrat’s prayers will not be answered. Killing the economy has not damaged Donald Trump.

We shouldn’t let it ruin New Hampshire.