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The Gov. of Nevada did Not Ban Hydroxychloroquine

Welcome to Nevada

One of the dangers of this hobby is an eagerness to share “news” without chasing stories to their source. We all fall prey to it now and again. A headline to copy with no links should be considered suspicious. Like the one about Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak of Nevada banning Hydroxychloroquine.

Several outlets have gone to great lengths to make Sisolak look bad. And while he is a Democrat, and there are plenty of things he’s likely done that might seem unappealing to folks on the right, this ain’t one of them.

Sisolak’s order does not prohibit using or prescribing any medical variant of Chloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19. It punishes hoarding them. The EO coincides with a directive from the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy to ensure there is adequate availability for existing approved medical uses. 

The order does appear to limit new prescriptions to specific clinical requests by physicians. That means doctors can prescribe it if it is deemed medically necessary. And all existing prescriptions for COVID-19 treatment remain valid for a 30-day supply. Long past the longevity of the typical infirmity.

All of which is now moot. The FDA has relented and approved the drugs for this alternate use. Manufacturers are donating millions of tablets to the national stockpile, not that this will remove the drug from its prominence as a political football.

Take notes

The very mention of the drug as a potential benefit to prevent or treat infection was used for negative smears against anyone who dare advocate for its use. Now that it is approved, the same people will be screaming about how there isn’t enough to go around and how the Trump administration’s inaction is to blame.

In other words, the same pattern we’ve seen from Democrats and their media bag-men since January.

Downplay and criticize the response until it proves to have been the best thing to do then insist it wasn’t enough. Then, and this part is in the planning stages, so prepare yourselves, launch another congressional investigation. Into what?  The lack of response based on claims being planted by Democrats in the media as proof that the President’s actions were inadequate.

Nothing new under the sun.

I’d bet Biden’s Ukraine pay-ay that Team Trump has or is already compiling their response. Montages of leftists in elected office or behind “news desks” criticizing what Trump’s Administration was doing before they accused them of not doing it.

We look forward to sharing them when the time comes. Even for our readers in Nevada.