So which is REALLY more important: Can't feed my family OR climate change? - Granite Grok

So which is REALLY more important: Can’t feed my family OR climate change?


Steve put up his post about that the Eco-Socialists narratives being an existential threat getting crowded out by the current (and immediate) “existential threat.”

I found this and decided that the image really does show their lameness in yammering that WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING NOW!


The first two frames of the image point out the REAL emergency. The TOP priority for any husband trying to provide for their family. That hunger is an immediate and existential threat to any family should be taken as gospel and not to be dismissed.

The “bottom” meme?  Yeah, something that the eco-socialists have cooked up and I’ve been listening to for the last 50 years.  Sorry, existential MEANS immediate so the chattering class, in trying to restart their agenda, tells me that they have their priorities wrong. An unsolicited piece of advice: just stop already.  It is clear that the basics of living must be satisfied first and then, maybe, MAYBE, we’ll come to the time when carbon consumption becomes more important than food consumption.

These folks have their heads where ever the sun don’t shine…

(H/T: Powerline)