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Shanghaied by the Kung Flu Scare – ReOpenNH!

Covid-19 - the EVIL hitch-hiker

Mr President, Governor, you have been Shanghaied by the modelers. Not only is the lockdown doing irreparable harm to the economy that even another 4 years of Trumponomics may not fix, it is playing right into the hands of the Socialists (there are no American Democrats left) who want to centrally plan both our economy and our healthcare system. The time for correction is now, and you have very little margin for safety if we are to avoid a miserable future somewhere between Venezuela and Glen Beck’s “Agenda 21,” where everybody will be equally poor, hungry, and miserable.

Why is this so? Because economically, by their scary models, they have forced you, President Trump, into implementing the Cloward-Piven model of societal collapse, in their belief that enfeebled citizens will vote for an authoritarian government which can “fix” everything for them – you know that cannot work, so we must shake off their malicious prescriptions sooner rather than later. And for the Governors, especially Mr Sununu, in your attempt to save the hospitals, you are destroying them – by crying “Chinese Wolf!” this year and keeping the hospitals mostly empty, we have guaranteed a lack of capacity for future bad flu or virus seasons – small hospitals are going bankrupt and simply will not be there for us next year.

If only we had an accurate model or a broader base of tests to tell us how things would work out! But we do. There are more and more studies suggesting that orders of magnitude more people have been infected with Coronavirus and shaken it off, than are sick enough to have qualified for the limited early rounds of testing, so that while 1-8% of confirmed cases lead to death, of which COVID-19 is a contributing cause, when we factor in the Stanford study estimating 50-80x more people were exposed that were actually tested to be positive, and also the MGH study of Chelsea, MA, where 2% had been officially tested as COVID-19 cases while 32% of the “man in the street” had antibodies, we are diluting the death rate (actual COVID caused deaths divided by actual COVID-19 infections) down to the numbers for a bad flu season. Steve has more on the studies.

If only we had a control case for how the virus spreads and peaks with, and without, lockdown! But we do. Sweden is neither as socialist, nor as subservient to government as our treasonous opposition would have you believe: Trusting in the good sense and personal responsibility of its citizens, and backed by commonsense recommendations from their chief epidemiologist (and his predecessor), Swedes have kept almost everything open. True, some are working from home, less are traveling by public transit, and pubs do not permit a standing crowd at the bar, but life goes on much as normal. They must be dying in the millions, right? WRONG!

Stockholm relaxing
An almost normal sunny day in Stockholm!
The UK Spectator (5 free articles before paywall) has been following the Swedish experiment (more links below) since it began and finds that catastrophe has NOT happened, with cases and deaths per million running a little higher than Denmark, Norway and Finland, but way lower than Italy, Spain, and the UK – right in the middle of the bell curve, as it were. Earlier articles suggested that the so-called socialist paradise is actually anything but – Swedes put a high value on their work ethic, personal responsibility, and personal freedom (looking at YOU, Gov. Sununu).

In spite of some nanny-state ninnies demanding a lockdown, both the current and former Chief Epidemiologists are sticking with the science and reasoning behind commonsense precautions but no lockdown – they are FOR herd immunity. They are also VERY skeptical of the mathematical models which scared the UK and the US into lockdown.
As well as the death rate remaining manageably low, the most impressive number may well be the economic situation in Sweden compared with its neighbors:

“Cash turnover indicators, for instance, suggest that personal consumption in Denmark and Finland has dropped by 66 and 70 per cent respectively – compared to less than 30 per cent in Sweden. Unemployment benefit claims in Norway has shot through the roof and grown four times as fast as in Sweden.”

Nor are they being stampeded into a lockdown:

“Sweden isn’t edging closer to a lockdown. Nor is team Tegnell (Chief Epidemiologist) panicking and fighting for its reputation. The vast majority of people think Sweden broadly opted for a balanced and effectual policy and current trends support that view.“

Listen, also to Johan Giesecke, former Chief Epidemiologist:

“Giesecke was not impressed with the Imperial [College] paper. It failed to take into account, he says, that a country can rapidly increase its number of critical care beds. In Sweden, he says, they have increased threefold, which has reduced the need to ‘flatten the curve’ of the epidemic. Moreover, he says, ‘the assumption they made for the proportion of cases that are asymptomatic was too low.’ The paper made the assumption that two thirds of cases were ‘sufficiently symptomatic’ for people to self-isolate – in other words that in a third of cases infected individuals would not know they had the virus. Subsequent data from Italy and China has suggested that 50 – 80 percent of cases are asymptomatic!
‘The Imperial paper was not peer-reviewed,’ says Giesecke. ‘This was not normal scientific practice.’

Shorter – The UK was shut down by junk science, and so was the USA!

Temporary hospital entrance More about those hospitals: First of all, elective surgeries and routine followup visits are simply cancelled – no revenue from those. Secondly, by government edict, the hospitals are effectively on lockdown – whether you go in for COVID-19 or some other life-threatening condition, say goodbye to your family until you are deemed fit to exit. Scared that normal hygiene will not work, most hospitals are simply shutting family members out altogether – no outside food, and no gift shops for the family to brighten the stay in any case. Is it any surprise, then that the doctors are asking “where did all the patients go?”

The answer is simple: Fear of COVID-19, and fear of being virtually imprisoned means that merely being very sick is no longer sufficient to induce visits to the ER – they are only going to show up when the choice is dying at home, vs maybe not dying at hospital. From the Washington Post:

“Soon after he repurposed his 60-bed cardiac unit to accommodate covid-19 patients, Mount Sinai cardiovascular surgeon John Puskas was stumped: With nearly all the beds now occupied by victims of the novel coronavirus, where had all the heart patients gone?
Five weeks into a nationwide coronavirus lockdown, many doctors say the pandemic has produced a silent sub-epidemic of people who need care at hospitals but dare not come in. ‘Everybody is frightened to come to the ER,’ Puskas said.”

Closed HospitalNow factor in the lower COVID-19 case load and lower ICU bed demand than the esteemed models predicted, and you have hospitals running way below capacity, with staff laid off, and starved for cash. We seem to be saving them, in order to destroy them – some strange new meaning of the word “save” that I wasn’t previously acquainted with!

Have we done enough harm to ourselves yet? #ReOpenNH !!

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