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Scenes and Signs from ReOpenNH Rally

Free People make their own risk assessments!

A large and enthusiastic turnout for the rally yesterday. As Skip and Steve noted, State Police checked out the area an hour or so before the rally, and the Concord cops seemed to stay away entirely, even as the crowd grew to around 300 people.

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When I arrived a little after Noon, there were around 200 people on the broad sidewalk in front of the Capitol building, with dozens of cars circling and honking. Some of the cars eventually parked and the crowd swelled to over 300, but there were always more circling and honking with flags and signs on display.

It was clear from the beginning that this was not your typical TEA Party protest, but a much broader coalition of of Free Citizens chafing at the ridiculous proclamations which “his excellency” feels emboldened to issue, even as better statistics over a larger base of people show that government has been overreacting, and as promising treatments continue to be tested. The mood of the people can be seen in the signs:

Notable Re-Openers

  • Live Free, or die in lockdown!
  • COVID is not the worst of evils
  • The question is not whether we will die: The question is how we will live!
  • Free people make their own risk assessments
  • The 11 year old’s own sign: “Why isn’t government on lockdown??”
  • The 5 “Gal Fawkes” including “Free people move freely”

Presented as a short video, with some commentary – easier than clicking on a big heap of photos:

The people out there this Saturday, from all walks of life, are very clear that the lockdown is doing them much more harm than allowing them to calculate their own risks would do. Furthermore, far from seeing overstressed hospitals, we are in severe danger that by treating only COVID-19 patients and critical emergency cases, the hospitals are will lose a great deal of money, and some will simply not be there for us next flu season. All in all a very short-sighted set of polices driven by scary medical advisors and very bad models.

Open up, Guv!!