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At Best, the Governor is in Deep Denial


So last night the Murray Model abandoned its doomsday Coronavirus projections for New Hampshire. We had a post up almost as soon as the model was updated: Murray Model Drops Doomsday Projections – No Excuse Left Not to End the Lockdown

But instead of using his daily Coronavirus briefing to let us know when he’s ending the lockdown, Governor Sununu instead chose to expand the lockdown:

He is also carrying on as if the Murray Model is still predicting a #coronacpocalypse:

At best, the Governor is in deep denial.

Either that, or he is afraid that he will take a political hit if people realize that the New Hampshire economy was shut down based on a crap-model … and he believes that he can somehow stop us from making the connection by not ending the lockdown in response to the crap-model being updated to no longer show #coronapocalypse.

Either way, he is exacerbating the recession and causing additional and unnecessary harm to people.