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Weekend at Bidey’s – Propping up Old Joe

Propping up Ol'Joe

Two smart up and coming members of “the firm” get an invitation they cannot dare refuse, and discover that their very (political) lives depend on propping up the husk of the once-glorious leader….

It was prop up old Joe, or die!
The weekend before Super Tuesday, Pete and Amy got the call – party with old Joe, or you have no future!
Steve predicted, the Thursday before Super Tuesday, that Petey, Amy, and Lizzy would not be long for the race, and sure enough, phone calls were made (supposedly by Obama), the invitation was issued to party with old Joe, and by Monday March 2nd, Joe was propped up while Pete and Amy were goners. How convenient!

I find it supremely ironic that the movie which best describes how the hollow shell of Joe Biden is being propped up by junior members of “The Firm” who are in fear for their (political) lives, just happens to be called “Weekend at Bernie’s” and it was just too tempting for me to resist updating the iconic movie poster!

Watching the Democrat Party (nothing DemocratIC about it) twist itself into a pretzel in order to maintain the viability of their chosen candidate is a wonder to behold – they try to convince us that the smoke filled backrooms are no more, that decisions are made in the open by the primary voters, but by observing their actions, it is clear that nothing has changed.

Sure, there was a period early in the primary season when youth, hope, and enthusiasm almost took hold, but Beto’s enthusiasm was too wacky, the (other) Castro brothers had an unfortunate family name and an odd attitude, Spartacus Booker and Prosecutor Kamala made no friends, Tulsi Gabbard was too dangerous to the old guard, Lieawatha couldn’t stop inventing new lies, and before they knew it, all that was left was the even older guard – Crazy Bernie vs Wandering Joe.

The conundrum is actually even worse – as much as the party does not want Crazy Bernie, they spent much of 2019 figuring out how to politely get rid of Corrupt old Joe. The Democrat-Media Complex had even started the process of outing Joe and Hunter for their corruption (ABC last May, for example), when they saw an opening with Trump’s phone call to Ukraine, and suddenly switched gears to propping up Joe as Trump’s premier opponent. Then, with impeachment flaming out and Mayor Cheat’s surprise win in Iowa, the knives started to come out again for Joe, but wait! Crazy Bernie’s big wins in early states, and James Clyburn keeping the black vote on the plantation in South Carolina, coupled with Mini Mike’s flameout had the Democrat Party rethinking yet again – if they could just push the cardboard cutout of Joe across the finish line, the VP and staff can run the country – watch that space carefully!

If you think the Democrat Party would not stoop so low, consider that Bloomberg practically owns the party, Hillary is out there promoting herself again, and Valerie Jarrett is doing the rounds suggesting that a woman of color (Moochelle?) should be the VP pick. Add in Obama staffers (but not Himself, yet) piling on to endorse ol’ Joe this week, and you begin to see a scheme at work. If the dead can vote, why not have an (almost) dead president?

Oh, for light relief, Jarrett’s sartorial elegance on Tuesday did not go unnoticed by the Twitterati:

Who do the readers think Joe will get for VP, assuming he lasts that far?