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Mission Accomplished: Fauxahontas Clips Bernie’s Feathers!

Warren stole Bernie's votes

It’s been obvious for a few months, and especially since Iowa and New Hampshire, that Liz Warren was not going to be nominee for the Democrat Party, but her base overlapped with Bernie’s – wonder why she stayed, and what’s that sign over the teepee?

Way back in 2014, I noted that Professor Warren had exactly the right kind of Marxist/Populist charm to really excite the left wing youth at NutRoots NetRoots Nation, which is a very similar slice of the primary electorate to the “Bernie Bros” IE young, gullible, socialists. Her problem is that she is so strident in her intentions to regulate banks and Wall Street practically out of existence that, rather than her not wanting their money, they did not want to give!

As time went by, in spite of a promising start, it became apparent that Fauxcahontas was not going to make it, and her once impressive showing in the polls was eclipsed not only by the genuine Communist, Bernie, but also by smooth-talking crypto-Marxists like Pete Booty-judge. Nonetheless, she persisted, even with Mayor Pete and Amy Klomentum leaving her in the dust. However, unseen forces were at work to keep Warren in the running…

In late December, we started to hear that Obama liked Liz’s policies and her prospects and was starting to twist arms amongst the nervous Dem donor class, then last month, we heard that Liz was taking PAC money after all – what could be going on?

After Nevada, the initial rush of enthusiasm for fake moderates Buttigieg and Klobuchar was fading, and the Party was getting scared that the crazy commie might actually acquire a majority of delegates and be much harder to stop at the convention. They bent the rules to let Mini Mike onto the debate stage, and he promptly lost whatever appeal his expensive TV ads had built up. South Carolina proved that a cardboard cutout of Joe Biden COULD be hustled over the finish line, if only they could consolidate Joe’s votes, and dilute Bernie’s….

The hand of Obama once again was at work behind the scenes as Super Tuesday approached, when Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar announced within hours that early momentum had dissipated and it was time to hang up their running shoes until next time, thus consolidating ‘moderate’ votes for Joe. It was rumored and then denied that each had spoken with Obama around the time that they dropped out – hmmm. Right up through Tuesday, Fauxcahontas, however, maintained she was in it for the long haul, even as all the smoke signals were saying that she had flamed out already…… which brings us to the reason why Joe’s competitors might have dropped out BEFORE Super Tuesday and Bernie’s chief competitor for the commie youth did not drop out until afterwards:

Warren stole Bernie's votes
By staying in until after Super Tuesday, Joe’s votes were consolidated, and Bernie’s were diluted – Mission Accomplished!

I take my hat off to Steve MacDonald for Limbaugh-esque levels of “See I Told You So” when he predicted that Petey, Amy, and Lizzy would all drop out by March 4th and endorse the Party’s choice. (If they knew what was good for them!) Only Warren, so far, has declined to endorse one of the remaining candidates. If she endorses Biden, the Party wins, but if she endorses Bernie and throws her delegates that way, all hell will break loose. Methinks she’ll make the “safe” choice before her teepee gets burned down, after all, why else get out right AFTER Super Tuesday?

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