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Despite any “Modern Warming” The Earth has Still Been Cooling for the Past 8,000 Years

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Earth Hour was last night. Did you miss it too? No great loss. If you happen to be an emergency order shut-in, the idea of sitting in the dark seems more ridiculous than usual. Especially when you realize that they made up the scary stories about “emissions” and tipping points.

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If you are anyone else but a member of the Climate Cult you’re probably like ‘oh that was last night,’ or who cares. The latter is a more suitable response for reasons I’m about to share. Another helpful reminder that contrary to the media democrat socialist narrative, you are not destroying the planet.

Holcene Temperature Variation

“Natural global warming much more intense than modern warming has occurred many times in the geologic past without CO2 change,” said Easterbrook.

The changes occurred rapidly, without any help from humans

“Fifteen thousand years ago, temperatures rose 10 to 20 degrees in just one century,” said Easterbrook.

About 12,800 years ago we plunged into the Younger Dryas, said Easterbrook. When we came out of the Younger Dryas, temperatures again shot upward, rising 15 degrees in just 40 years. Then, from about 10,000 years ago to 3,000 years ago, temperatures were warmer than today.

Forget human influence, said Easterbrook. Cooling and warming are both natural.

“Numerous, abrupt, short-lived warming and cooling episodes much more intense than recent warming/cooling occurred during the late Pleistocene, none of which could have been caused by changes in atmospheric CO2,” said Easterbrook.

In laymen’s terms, the Planet and the sun and all of that are doing what they always do. Attempting to craft mortals as gods reshaping the biosphere in some permanent way is arrogant but only half as foolish as falling for their so-called socialist solutions which are, themselves, arrogant – which explains the correlations.

Progressives believe they can engineer societies toward perfection using government force which to date has produced only misery and tyranny. The graph or curve of that history is no less obvious a problem for that goal than the Holocene Temperature variation is to Climatism. But they persist at both. And so, we must push back.



Their predictions fail, then change. The catastrophes that don’t happen get new use-by dates. The models are wrong. In fact, everything about this climate scheme changes except the solution: economic socialism. No matter how wrong they are about everything the political remedy is economic tyranny.

Not unexpectedly, their suggested solutions to every other “issue” (real or imagined) are likewise solved by imposing socialism. So, climate, like everything else, is not about saving the planet it is about ending free-market capitalism. The real threat is from Climate Change politics advocates.

If you lack the sense to see the truth behind that you might as well get used to sitting in the dark.

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