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Battle Of The Geriatric Titans

Bernie vs Nutt-Head 2020

If you thought some of the GOP 2016 crowd was weak, just consider the best the Dems have to offer: A communist useful idiot, and a Socialist total idiot! Timothy Bishop presents the battle of “Bernie vs Nutt-Head!” Also, where to check the score…

Bernie vs Nutt-Head 2020
The man with (almost) no heart vs the man with (almost) no brain – Timothy Bishop
It’s that time, again: Neither snow, nor sleet, nor sneaky little virii can stop the Democrat race to electoral armageddon. It’s Primary time, again, and the wheezy geezers are battling it out over Florida (no Cuban vote for you, Bernie!), Arizona, and Illinois, where the Democrat machine is already rounding up Joe’s zombies! You’ll know something is amiss if, like Washington State last week, Bernie’s narrow lead is gradually smothered as the Party ensures every vote counts – for Joe! (And you thought “vote for joe” was a multiple-choice exam paper!)

WSJ has a handy live results tracker that you can use to see how the votes are coming in, watch for signs of cheating, and monitor the total delegate count. Look for Joe to lead early in Florida, and to make late gains in Illinois, with Arizona being a tossup.