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Are the Left’s Anti-Oil and Gas Policies Fracking Racist!?

Natural Gas Flame stove top

Just so we’re clear the Democrat Race-Pimps Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are in favor of transitioning to what the left pretends are cleaner forms of energy (they are not). But they are concerned that the current crop of Fracking-banners would place an unfair burden on African Americans.

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Civil rights leaders are criticizing a common talking point among environmentalist activists who say hydraulic fracking disproportionately hurts black people and other minority communities.

Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and National Urban League president Marc Morial said they oppose an abrupt move away from fracking, according to an Axios report Monday. They said the technique for producing natural gas helps black people who struggle with high energy prices.

We’ve covered this topic before and not just to pivot on race. I’m not going to assume that blacks are poorer on average than anyone else but Democrat energy policy (wage policy, social policy, etc.), tends to negatively impact middle and lower-income earners the most.

The majority, if not all Democrat priorities are bad for the Middle and Lower class. Show me a socialist country where that’s not the case. Well, you can’t. Democrat socialism, like all forms of socialism, creates a two-class society. The political class (the haves) and everyone else (the have-nots). Sharpton and Jackson have turned themselves into haves pimping the interests of have-nots and while they are the living-breathing poster-children of how Democrat Socialism will work, they are right about fracking but not right enough.

Natural gas is a gift that keeps giving. It is abundant and keeps energy prices (and if you care emissions) low. And it would be more readily available if the same folks who want to ban fracking would stop blocking every effort to move the stuff where it is needed.

Millions of lower and middle-class Americans pay more for heat and electricity than they should because of the Left’s war on gas pipelines. And it’s not a small problem. With the Grand Solar Minimum upon us, the next 30-40 years will include some very strange weather and an overall decline in temperatures (especially in winter).

At present, New Hampshire cannot access any domestic natural gas except by truck or train despite there being millions of cubic feet a few hours away in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The dip-sh*ts in New York have banned fracking and have prohibited new gas pipelines so we can’t tap that. And even if they’d allow it the enviro-dip-sh*ts in New Hampshire want us all to freeze to death, in the dark. Staring at snow-covered solar panels and frozen windmills.

We can still get natural gas, but we need it shipped in at higher prices from overseas (Hello Russia!). No, not from US ports. That is prohibited by laws which neither of our Democrat congress-persons nor Democrat Senators from NH has expressed an interest in changing.

They also oppose fracking and are generally considered keep-it-in the ground folks. In other words, working-class New Englanders had better chop a lot of wood for their (if the left had their way) more-highly regulated wood stoves. At least you’ll be warm during the rolling blackouts while the wood lasts.

Yes, rolling blackouts. Everyone in the industry knows about them. The northeast has nowhere near the capacity needed to carry the load. Coal is bad, nuclear is bad, natural gas is bad, and oil is bad. No amount of solar and wind will ever make as much as a dent. But look on the bright side. The same people are in denial about the grand solar minimum and why not. They’ll be part of the haves, talking a good game about the have-nots, but never doing anything (just like Sharpton and Jackson) that would actually improve things.

They can’t. Democrat Socialism won’t allow it. But they’ll be warm so why would they care about that or racism, except to accuse us of it to keep themselves well-fed.

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