Will Joe Find His 'Marbles' In SC? - Granite Grok

Will Joe Find His ‘Marbles’ In SC?

Ben Garrison - Joe loses marbles

Joe famously said that “any Democrat could beat Trump” and followed by claiming that Mickey Mouse could beat Trump – just as well, because Joe sure is running a Mickey Mouse campaign! Here’s a great cartoon from Tina Garrison that makes fun of both Joe’s addled state and his “Dog Faced Pony Soldier” comment to a voter:

Tina Garrison - Biden loses marbles
Tina Garrison ‘toon: Joe loses his marbles and the dog faced pony soldier helps him out!


What do you think? Will Joe find his marbles in SC, or is he a lost cause? Would the “Dog Faced Pony Soldier” help him anyway? Read Tina’s comments at GrrrGraphics.com