Thoughts on the Democrat bat-wielding, shiv-shoving, face-slapping slugfest Debate. HAPPY TIMES! - Granite Grok

Thoughts on the Democrat bat-wielding, shiv-shoving, face-slapping slugfest Debate. HAPPY TIMES!


30 seconds into it, I was already crying from laughter. THIS was a Democrat version of the WWE’s WrestleMania.  Verbal fists were flying, back kicks were landing in nether regions – everyone finished with black&blues, scratches, and more than a few limping off the stage. As a Conservative, it was GLORIOUS!  No, I didn’t watch it in real time as I was giving a speech at the February meeting of the Merrimack County Republican Committee (many thanks, folks!) but thanks to wonders of Capitalism, I DVR’d and watched once I got home and finished it this morning. It was ALL I could have hoped for – these Prez Wannabees REALLY decided to rip each other to shreds and slit each other throats as only committed Socialists and Communists can do. No, NONE of their policies are from the American mainstream borne of our Founders’ vision.  They are setting up the “Chasm Election” – American Freedom and Capitalism versus Socialism/Communism.

Let me sneak this in here – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel:

“Unfortunately for Democrats, what happened in Las Vegas won’t stay in Vegas. Americans witnessed tonight that today’s Democrat party is willing to gamble away our future with socialist policies. They saw that their party is willing to change debate rules to benefit a liberal billionaire, but not minority candidates who ran. The fact the Democrat field is still so wide open is telling to how weak it is.

“Americans are on a winning streak thanks to the Trump Administration’s pro-growth, America first policies. Come November, Nevadans, and voters across the country, will double-down on President Trump’s record of real results and re-elect him to a second term.”

Doubt me (and her)? Here are THE defining moments in that two hour political wallopalooza. Both perfectly encapsulate where the Democrat Party is and where it wants to take us if they take the Oval Office. First, consider this from Amy Klobuchar when she “said” she says she is in support of capitalism:

The silence was stunning – it was a complete repudiation of the economic system that made this country what it is today. Not one person in that crowd realized or would acknowledge what they have is a direct results of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people participating in what is called “spontaneous order” of people working independently of each other simply driven by self-interest to better themselves united by a series of prices at each stage of the value-added process.

And totally ignorant of history. But the worst was to come. For all of the knifing and guillotining and nun-chuking going on over policies and perceived failures, outright gaffes and failure to adhere to the minute by minute changes to the current Political Correctness, the worst was when Michael Bloomberg decided to defend capitalism against Commie Bernie’s attack:

Notice the immediate groans from other candidates on stage especially from the one in that  purple-what-ever-it-is who has categorically said that SHE is a capitalist (even as she has so many plans to tie Capitalism up into knots she’s not much different than Mussolini who learned that you didn’t have to own a thing to be able to control a thing).

But it was the boos and jeers from the crowd that should scare each and every one of us to our inner most core: unless Conservative go back into education to right the indoctrination, unless we go back into the media, we have Venezuela in our short term future.  The ones up on stage are the true Believers – each and every one of them except for Bloomberg (who just wants to be in charge) – are hellbent in advancing Socialism by any means possible (fast, slow, or medium speed).  Of COURSE they’d groan – and add in getting political brownie points from their supporters at the same time.

It is the crowd that concerns me.  I couldn’t believe that there was NO support from them re: capitalism. Absolutely none. Only a show of support for a governing/economic system that has been a disaster every time it has been tried.  It doesn’t matter if it has been the case that “the right people weren’t in charge” or not.  It wouldn’t make ANY difference who was in charge – NO ONE or small group of people can NEVER know or understand all of the needs and wants of 330 million people. These people will fail and they will fail and take us all with them.

It is, however, not just “sharing” control, that the “working people” should have a say at their place of work. It is all ABOUT Control.  By someone else other then the present ones.

BTW, working people already have a say at their place of work – if they agree with what is going, they stay. If they don’t – move and work somewhere else. If you’re not in charge, accept it but work like crazy, help the company, help those around your (and, play the politics necessary) to get to be in charge.

What Bernie, Pete, Lizzie, Amy, and Joe want you to believe that they have the Power to simply take power away from owners and managers to give to others on an arbitrary basis, right?  That things will just be ducky – almost like the same as before.  For if they do, within the envelope of Socialism, they will take far more Power from you over time.  What they are doing is the camel’s nose under the tent.

Simply on that reaction from the crowd, folks, we are in deep sneakers. They won’t stop. Until they ruin us all.

I just hope that we just don’t get 1917 and certainly not the French Revolution.