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The Democrat Dumpster Fire In Pictures

AF Branco Dem Dumpster Fire

The Democrat primary process has been cartoonist fodder like we’ve rarely seen, with an actual communist leading the pack of deranged leftists and a real plutocrat (or as Bernie would say, Awligawk) trying to buy his way to the top of the heap. Cartoons from and

Michael Ramirez - Other People's Money
Bloomie wants to buy the election with his money, while Bernie (and the others) wants to buy it with YOUR money. Michael Ramirez
This primary is going to be expensive, and the choice seems to be between a tyrant who wants to buy the election with his money versus several tyrants who want to buy the election with YOUR money!

ALL of the other candidates have virtually identical issue lists on their websites, and all of them are pandering up a storm on basically the same giveaways with nary a thought for the costs.


Dem Party for sale - AF Branco
With enough money, there are no objections! AF Branco
By bending the rules and allowing Bloomberg access to the debates, the Democrat Party has shown it can be bought. Indeed, in the South Carolina debate, Bloomberg almost said in as many words that he had BOUGHT those new Democrat congress critters in 2018! No wonder they are accommodating to him, but it isn’t going over well with the base, especially the Bernie Bros.


Mugged by Reality - Gary Varvel
Even with all his money, reality (and the other candidates) mugged Bloomie in his first debate! Gary Varvel
Confident as undisputed leader in his business that he could handle anything, Bloomberg was woefully unprepared for his first debate in Vegas – and what happened certainly didn’t stay in Vegas!
With his crude descriptions of minority men and crime, his gross misogeny in the workplace, the trail of lawsuits and NDAs, and more, all of the other candidates were loaded for Bloom-bear!


Bloomberg taller on his wallet - Henry Payne
Bloomberg’s artificial stature on stage is purely due to his fat wallet. All the others look down on Mini-Mike, some literally, and everybody knows he’s only there because he’s bankrolling the Democrat Party as well as his own campaign.
Henry Payne


Dem-olition Derby by Robert Ariail
All of the (not so) moderate candidates are knocking each other out – pounding on each other in a desperate attempt to do well in South Carolina, and shut out Nanny Doomberg, meanwhile Bernie limps away from the wreckage and keeps on scooping up delegates. Robert Ariail


Coming up "Commie" in Vegas - AF Branco
The un-jackpot – all the slots came up “commie” in Nevada! AF Branco

So far, Bernie is leading the pack in delegates from every state (and a disputed tie with #MayorCheat in Iowa). No matter what the rest do, Bernie keeps on steamrolling right over the others, with even Nevada coming up “Commie.”

Bernie's delegate lead - WSJ
Delegates – WSJ
Bernie steamrolls the competition
Neither snow nor sleet, nor Bloomie’s billions can slow the Bernie express! Lisa Benson


None of the above - Steve Kelley
ABB – Anybody But Bernie – except that none of the above has come close to convincing John and Jane Q Public that they are moderate, OR can do the job!
Steve Kelley


Sanders catching like a virus - Ramirez
Sanders threatens Humanity – Ramirez
With society’s resistance to the siren song of Communism having been lowered by decades of poor schooling, the nation is covered by large and spreading outbreaks of Communovirus BroVid19. Only a massive dose of reality and economic literacy can save us.
None of the other Democrat jokers are far away from full-blown socialism themselves, apart from maybe Nanny Bloomberg, who would micromanage us into submission, and THEN send us to the gulags! Trump may seem an unlikely savior of the Republic, but he’s what we’ve got – we MUST win in November!


Bernie doesn't see himself in the mirror - Gary Varvel
A communist devil doesn’t see his own reflection in the mirror – he sees the reflections of murderous tyrants past!
Gary Varvel


A least they could read their death warrants - Ramirez
Bernie Sanders praised Castro’s literacy program. Michael Ramirez
“When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program.” Wow, Bernie! That is some euphemism, right there! “Came into Office.” like he’d won an election, or something, instead of seizing power through a very bloody revolution backed by murderous thugs like Che Guevara.
One thing you can say for Castro, is that it was probably the only literacy program in history where the final exam required a cigarette……

Smoking literacy program - Mike Lester
Somehow, Castro’s literacy program always ended with a cigarette – the prize for reading your death warrant! Mike Lester


Democrat hammer vs Communist Sickle - Ramirez
Democrat candidates are all socialists together. Michael Ramirez
The Democrat Party flag might as well be the hammer and sickle – every last one of the current crop of candidates is a full-blown socialist (OK, maybe Mini-Mike is a half-assed socialist), but only Bernie is honest enough to say so up front, and they are all calling him out for it.

And when I say every last one of them, I mean it: Whether it is the Gramscian Marxist upbringing of Red Diaper Booty-Judge, or the Cloward-Piven societal collapse spending plans of nearly all of them, or the moral decline agenda of men in women’s sports and locker rooms, they all have evinced a design to reduce us under absolute despotism!
Heck, even the well-spoken and moderate sounding Tulsi Gabbard has all of the left’s favorite talking points in her issues list. Visit all of their websites during primary season while they are appealing to their “NutRoots” and save a copy, because some of those positions will “evolve” toward the center after the primaries are over.


But it is Bernie who scares the Democrat Establishment the most, because ‘los exiliados cubanos’ have even stronger words for “socialism, not on MY watch,”   than even Donald Trump. Panic time?

Che Sanders panics the Democrat establishment - Steve Breen
Che for president? Almost! The Democrat Establishment hits the PANIC! button. Steve Breen


Gasoline and money on the dumpster fire - AF Branco
As the other candidates fade, the #DemDumpsterFire rages on, fueled by endless supplies of incendiary rhetoric from Bernie and money to burn from Bloomie! AF Branco


Which can only lead to…..The Bonfire of the liberties…..

Berning Man - Bonfire of the Liberties - Ben Garrison
The end of the Republic – if Berning Man wins, Ben Franklin’s worst nightmare will have come true – a Republic, but we couldn’t keep it! The final and terrible ‘Bonfire of the Liberties’ everything we hold dear gone up in smoke.
Ben Garrison –