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Sanders Completes Nevada Cleanup

Bernie wins Nevada

As Steve noted, Bernie was the clear winner in the Nevada Caucii on Saturday, while Joe Biden did well enough for his campaign to sieze the lifeline on the way to South Carolina. 100% of the results are now in….

Bernie got 24 delegates, Biden 9, Pete 3; Lizzy and Amy failed to meet the threshold and got none. Bernie carried 11 counties, Pete 4, Tom Steyer(!) 1 (but he got no delegates). Best of all Nevada’s Dems got enough precincts to call the race by midnight Saturday, 60% by Sunday, and 100% of precincts confirmed within 48 hours – they did abandon that shadowy app, though!

Moving on to South Carolina, If Bernie does even moderately well, the sense of foreboding in the Democrat Party that Bernie is unstoppable will deepen. Biden HAS to do well in SC to regain his footing in the race; Pete has to pick up some delegates to restore the momentum he had leaving Iowa; Lizzie and Amy MUST score here or they are done. Finally, does anybody want to bet whether Tom Steyer gets on the scoreboard, versus voters being turned off by his adverts?

WSJ Nevada Caucus 100 percent
Nevada Dem Primary Final Counts & Delegates, Courtesy WSJ