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Making Gasoline Cost More Won’t Stop the Natural Geologic Process of Vertical Land Motion…

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Sea Level Rise Fraud is a thing. Regular readers will be familiar. It’s an issue the left thinks will activate “regular people” to support their mass-confiscation of their incomes. Which in the northeast, when it comes up, should always be followed with this question.

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How are you going to use my money and political power (if I give them up to you) to stop the natural geologic process of vertical land motion?

Assessing data from a range of sources and previous studies, the team concluded that the movement of the earth – referred to as vertical land motion – is the dominant force behind variations in rates of sea level rise up and down the East Coast, the team reports today in the journal Nature.

Making gasoline, heating fuels and electricity cost (a lot) more will have zero impact on the geology. A process that has resulted in a very predictable post-ice-age annual avg rise of less than 3mm per year (for as long as they’ve kept records). It’s isostatic rebounding. 

And that number has been consistent regardless of how big or small the glaciers were, or how much land or sea ice we’ve had. And we’ve had less than we have now, and more. But our thieves are persistent. 

Down in Louisiana, they have another natural and well documented geologic process underway called subsidence. Increasing the third world’s dirty mining of rare earth metals to make battery operated cars and busses will not do a thing to stop that. But because the change is closer to 9mm per year it serves the propagandists ends. Making the case for a rapid increase in sea level rise, all over.

That’s just not the case. 

But don’t expect the media to give you a balanced presentation of facts. They’re in on the scam. 

But we’re not.

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