Finger Lickin' Good: Dem Hens Vote For Sanders! - Granite Grok

Finger Lickin’ Good: Dem Hens Vote For Sanders!

Dems go full commie

Kind of like electing the fox to guard the henhouse, or the wolf to guard the lambs, you know there’s going to be a whole lot of fleecin’ and pluckin’ goin’ on! Nevada Caucus preliminary results put Sanders comfortably in front. UPDATED

Now about 60% of precincts in and Sanders’ lead looks solid: Neither Bloomie’s Billions nor Petey’s pious ‘moderation’ can touch him! Biden’s campaign is clinging to a tenuous lead over Mayor Pete. Panic is getting to be an epidemic in Democrat circles. Last week, Carville said that if the Dems nominated “a Corbyn” it would be game over (referring to the unlikeable, anti-semitic communist leader of the British Labour Party). He’s now approaching full-on meltdown:

Initial numbers courtesy WSJ:

WSJ 1266 of 2097 Precincts
Courtesy WSJ 1266 out of 2097 Precincts reporting