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Your Plastic Bag “BANK” Authorized by State Government

Plastic Bag Bank

In a literal sense (and no small amount of tongue-in-cheek), if you have to pay for them you’ve got a “bank” of bags. It adds up! And he could make money by standing in front of the store’s entrance and go “Psst – 10 bags for 4 cents each, a 20% discount from Big Bags!”

On a more serious note, this IS what the Government does when it enters into the marketplace, not for an economic reason, but for a social reason. No, that’s wrong – ANY reason at all. Prices and “worth” become artificially distorted by its sheer size and ability to push people (and things) around. It’s what the Government does.

Is it the Proper Role of Government to “nudge” (as the most dangerous man at the time, Cass Sunstein, who advocated that Government do this in all areas of our lives so as to “live better”) people to behave as what the Ruling Class would have us do? Is it their right, either by dint of election or just working for the Government, decided that our way is crap but their way is gold?

I think not. Nor do I believe that all the busybodies that advocate for such things to happen by persuading a few Government officials to make their ideas law should be listened to in the first place.

But that’s how we get the Bank of Plastic Bags.