Gender Dysphorics demand we learn an INFINITE number of Pronouns? - Granite Grok

Gender Dysphorics demand we learn an INFINITE number of Pronouns?

It isn’t tolerance or acceptance of what the LGBT Gender Dysphoric are demanding – it is total AFFIRMATION. It is an application of force to change the language and to change your thinking based on willful changes in language.

Just like they are trying to do with “Mandatory Training on Gender Pronouns” for the Minneapolis Police. It’s simple, you see.  Militant activists have decided to change the language and thought of Government (politicians, bureaucrats) and they, in turn, will go and do the actual work that the activists could never hope to do on their own.

They know wellwhy do the work themselves when all they have to do is change those politicians and bureaucrats first. It’s what activists for various advocacy groups do for money – instead of doing the hard work of convincing people one by one, door to door, just convince a small number of politicians instead. And then they can sit back, grins on faces, and just relax. Like in Minneapolis (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Minneapolis Police Receive Mandatory Training on Gender Pronouns

Officers in the Minneapolis Police Department were required to sit in on a lecture about the “infinite number” of gender pronouns, a source told The Minnesota Sun. The lecture was part of the department’s annual in-service training held Thursday and participation was mandatory, claimed a source.

Please note that these are not the only pronouns. There are an infinite number of pronouns as new ones emerge in our language. Always ask someone for their pronouns,” said a slide from the training on gender pronouns.

According to the slide, possible pronouns for officers to look for include she, he, they, and “ze,” which has a possessive form of “hirs/zirs.”  “Ze is speaking,” the slide lists as an example of the “ze” pronoun. “I listened to hir. The backpack is zirs.”

“Officers are getting shot and assaulted at unprecedented rates, and this is what they’re spending their time on?” a source familiar with the situation told The Minnesota Sun.

An “infinite” number, eh?  First, who has time for that?  Certainly not me.  Second, it means that all we have is language instability. Think about that – being in fear of offending someone (like I really care about that, given this “ramming down the throat”) or being hauled in front of some Human Rights Commission to be found guilty of “mis-languaging someone” and having to pay thousands of dollars in retribution.  Sorry, this is a battle that folks had better wake up to and say “Up yours – how do you like THAT pronoun!”.

Seriously, this is an assault on us by other means.  Are we really the “Land of the Free” if our spoken word is now under Control?  Remember, it is the militant LGBT activists behind this coerced speech. They want you captive, for coerced speech first requires coerced thought.  Imagine being those police that gets caught by misremembering one of even 100,000 variations of these made-up pronouns by anyone they would meet.

It’s why “Up your’s” is the only real response.  You want to believe you are something that you are chromosomally you aren’t?  Go for it. You want family and friends to buy into that fantasy – have at it. But for you to impinge and infringe on my Right to Conscience and my Right to Free Speech?  You are demanding that everyone around you learn a gazillion new words – AND THEN REMEMBER WHICH ONE BELONGS TO WHICH PERSON??  That is an imposition you will not be allowed to make. I can’t even remember my friends’ names a lot of the time (go ahead, go ask them).

Sorry, you can remind me all you want. Mine, then are “Your Royal Majesty / Smartest Person in the World” because while you may be offended that I don’t use your coerced speech, I am volume 11 offended that you would even DARE to infringe my basic unalienable Rights.

I’m quite sure some militant LGBT person will consider that as a challenge. But if we aren’t willing to push back on this, think for yourself as to what the next foot on the slippery slope will be?  What will be the next step in the loss of Free Speech Right that you will be willing to give up without a fight? They won’t stop. In the years I’ve been blogging, it is clear – they wish to remake our Republic into their own image.

Loss of Thought, loss of Speech? Is that what you wish to leave as a legacy