NH Dem Party Chair seeking to silence a Conservative on FB – silences himself (in shame?) - Granite Grok

NH Dem Party Chair seeking to silence a Conservative on FB – silences himself (in shame?)

You know, it really doesn’t get much better than this when you’re a blogger. It’s almost too easy when the Other Side keeps on saying, figuratively, “Thank you sir, may I have another” (although I’m cringing as a write this because this is about Ray Buckley. Again).

Yes, first he comes in riding his horsie to denounce the person who has the temerity to demand of an ordinary person to take down a Facebook page that simply lists Nashua Alderman and NH State Rep Jan Schmidt’s own words here.  And we are keeping up to date with it here on the ‘Grok (here and here).

But now, he decided to bring a variant of the Streisand Effect upon himself – and his Party.  First a screenshot (and yes, I have saved off the page for posterity simply because I knew what his next step would be):

And just as I was adding yet another comment, POOF!, I got a “cannot add your comment at this time” error. I scratched my head for a moment and then opened up the page in another tab, reluctantly knowing what had happened and Ray Buckley, NH Democrat Party Chair, deleted his post.  Nada, nein, zippo, nothing.  Gone, just gone.

Like the disgruntled elementary school child, he took his ball and went home. What’s the matter, Ray, didn’t want to engage with lowly Right of Center bloggers? Or being made sport of (easily, I might add) by such, showing a paucity of debating skills amongst the Progressive Pack these days? Or was it the threat of those videos again?  They REALLY show the public who Ray Buckley really is, don’t they?

Don’t like it when somebody refuses to play your game your way with your rules?  Congrats – you’re getting Alinsky’d and, as you said in that infamous video, good and hard. S’alright, we at GraniteGrok don’t need Facebook to get our messaging out.  The important comment was in process and I saved it (emphasis mine):

Back to you, Ray Buckley. You said “public’s insight in the issues of the day or their elected officials.” Really! Holding up an elected Democrat official’s own words and actions DOESN’T aid the public in understanding the current Democrat Party thinks and is looking to achieve? Let’s leave Schmidt aside for a moment. If this is the Land of the Free, Ray, how come almost every bill that your Party’s officials put in this session always resulted in taking choices away from the rest of us? Why is it that your party doesn’t care that the quantification of Freedom, the number of choices we can make in our lives, is also the quality of choices we can make for ourselves without Govt mandating one-size-fits-all decrees? How can we NOT see that your Party is no longer about representing but RULING as if you consider yourselves the new aristocracy (with the accompanying hissy fits when your agenda gets stymied)?

No, Ray, seeing that you are now part and parcel of the Pack of Progressives absolutely willing to Silence an ordinary citizen, simply for holding a political view opposite of your own, I can see why you wanted to take down your own words.

However, that does WONDERS for we who are fighting to restore our Liberty and Freedom, the ability to choose for ourselves, from people like you, and are willing to stand up to the real bullies who wish to SILENCE others in the progression of your Party’s political agenda.

So in deleting his comment and allowing commenting from OUR side, he did easily “add to the public’s insight to the issues of the day or elected officials“.  And as to what is in the mind of the NH Democrat Party Chair, Ray Buckley. And realizing what he had done, had made himself the story.

After all, what better example to prove my point of how the Democrats feel about choice, Freedom, and Free Speech was in first jumping in to the Cancel Movement and the “Deplatform movement” and then deleting himself?

This example of Silencing is exactly about one thing – Control.  Else, why would all those Democrats in that thread all be calling for FB to take down (Silence) that page? Control of what people can say, control of what YOU can say, and if followed back properly, we see that the Democrat Party is using Orwell’s “1984” not as a warning as it was intended but as a “how to” book.  His comment shows a huge dollop of what he believes is “Democrat Privilege” – and it is strewn all up and down that page by other Democrats that are all about having FB silence the anonymous admin of the group.

Thou shalt not dissent from our political ideology – or ELSE!

Free Speech?  Ray Buckley just proved the warped outlook of the Democrat Party of the First Amendment.  He, as amply demonstrated, is now part of the online Antifa mob that believes that Free Speech is violence and thus is subject to any possible means to shut it down.  Even more so by deleting his hateful, unhistorical, comment.

Sorry, Ray, there are plenty of Republicans that are cowed by your words.  We say, Bring It If You Dare.

So here it is – a challenge: let’s have that debate, you and I.  We have the equipment and we’ll supply the space.  You bring someone else and I will as well.  We’ll have that debate about Free Speech, and perhaps more, among the four of us in front of an audience.  We’ll charge a bit to cover the cost and then we’ll send the rest to Charity.

Unlike Bernie Sanders, you think charities do good works, right Ray?