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Municipal Leaders Press Conference – a two part question of those “where waz dey?”

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My earlier post was about the Governor’s veto of the Democrat Budget and the municipal leaders that support it.  Now, I had expected Governor Sununu to actually be there to show a bit of respect for those that were going out on a limb in showing support for that veto.  Or failing the Governor’s presence, at least someone from the Office of the Governor to show up (Yo!  DJ?) to show a bit of financial kinship.

Not to be.  As I said, I was working both side of the camera and was wondering the above from in front of the camera.  I also had a question ready for Governor Sununu if he had been present (and I moving to behind the camera) based on a conversation at our GrokMeetup with GraniteGrok readers up in Gilford last night:

A two part question for you.  First, congrats on the effusive shout out by President Trump at his rally for you and your Dad!  He has, however, done something else that will affect NH Politics – denying Title X funds to abortion mills  masquerading as “womens’ health clinics”.  Planned Parenthood has pulled out of Title X along with Planned Parenthood New England and several others here in NH.

To the budget: there is a pot of money in the budget to pay for this as well as an amendment repealing the prohibition of State money for abortion.

Will you veto the budget if that money is still included?

If your answer is “no”, are you concerned that NHDP ChairRay Buckley, Jeanne Shaheen, and other Democrats will accuse you of standing shoulder to shoulder with Shaheen on this given that our US Ambassador to NH Shaheen overrode a duly elected majority Republican Executive Council a few years ago when it refused to sign a contract with PPNE (by having the Obama Administration send Federal funds to PPNE directly)?

Thus far, while Sununu is making the fiscal cases, it is still clear that ALL Social Issues have Fiscal Costs – and this is no different.  WHO will Sununu support with a veto / no veto – social conservatives that helped “brung him to the dance” by supporting their Right of Conscience and not allow their tax monies used in such a fashion or the Democrats who are hell-bent on rewriting our public morality by any means and in any fashion possible?

How will Sununu answer the question “why is it acceptable to kill new lives that are totally innocent”?  Whose moral agenda will he side with as there is no “splitting the difference” on this issue?

NOTE: after formulating this question this morning and in trying to find that list of veto supporters, I ran in posts that Steve and Ellen had on these: here and here.