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Democrat Proposes 5 years in Prison For “Parody” Videos Of Politicians Before Elections

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Democrat Representative Yvette Clarke from New York is beside herself over something called deep fakes. These are “photoshopped” or digitally altered videos or images. And if her bill passes, anyone who fails to mark their production properly could face up to five years in jail.

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Rep. Adam Schiff claimed that deepfakes, “enable malicious actors to foment chaos, division or crisis — and they have the capacity to disrupt entire campaigns including that for the presidency.”

These nefarious tools of the trade demand to be regulated by, who else, Democrats.

Fake What?

Much like the fake news phenomenon (started by Democrats and the media to silence conservative speech), this legislation exists – much like McCain-Feingold which was overturned by the Supreme Court, to suppress political speech.

Mutale Nkonde, a Clarke advisor on the bill from the Data & Society Research Institute, bizarrely claimed, “Deepfake videos are much more likely to be deployed against women, minorities, people from the LGBT community, poor people.”

What you mean to say is Democrat politicians for elected office.

Clarke claims that her bill would stop “election interference from both foreign and domestic players who could use deep fake technology to alter images and videos of candidates running for office.”

We’ve had technology that can do that for a long time. Again, it’s called Photoshop.

And who doesn’t love a great meme about elected officials doing ill under the guise of the people’s business?

What the..?

I think we can lay the blame for the current gibbering fanaticism for the recent parody video of Nancy Pelosi. They slowed her down so she sounded drunk or crazy. Ooh, the injustice.

If we’re serious about the problem, major media alters video and audio regularly to sell a partisan narrative meant to “disrupt entire campaigns including that for the presidency.” Always against Republicans.

One such solution to just that problem has a name. Nick Sandmann. The media that created the fake news narrative to silence the opposition used phony news and selective editing to endanger that young man’s life and those of his friends and family. Deliberately. For partisan political purposes. But the solution to that already exists.


Democrats can’t convince me they are unfamiliar with this avenue of redress. Of course, public officials are subject to a slightly different standard so free speech that happens to be a parody or not must be suppressed, infringed, or silenced. 

The Supreme Court has already judged Clarke’s legislation unconstitutional. And it is unlikely this bill has any hope of surviving outside the womb of the Democrat majority House. But it is on their minds.

We know they are committed to arguing that campaign finance reform is about big money in politics to suppress speech. We also know they love money and their own speech.

They call speech from political opponents hate, Nazi, fascist, racist, whatever they can come up with that might silence you. Get you out or keep you out of the game. We just call theirs dumb and make memes and videos about it.

As for the left, taken as a whole, these examples are a reminder that the tyrannical streak that defines them knows no limits but demands them of everyone else. And they mean to set them as soon as they have the authority of numbers to do so. In fact, they never let an opportunity go to waste.

Those who doubt me will find out too late how right I am.

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