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The Chinks In Justin’s Armor

Amash turns Donkey

Justin Amash (RINO, Michigan) was a TEA Party darling when first elected to Congress, with libertarian leanings. He had earned backing by the Koch Network for his support for free trade at any cost, which might not please all his constituents, but that’s not the worst of it….

With a strong anti-israel bias already demonstrated in his voting, and then calling for Trump’s impeachment to the delight of Rashida Tlaib, one has to wonder what’s up with Amash. It’s not just the Palestinian origin, but where the family’s money comes from….

Yup, quite a coincidence that the time Amash is pushed over the edge to embrace Democrat dreams, just happens to coincide with Trump getting even tougher on China’s exports. You see, the family Amash sells tools, cheap tools, from their business in Michigan, which just happen to be produced in China by a company in which he is heavily invested – AHA – follow the money and young Justin has a lot to lose. A chink in his armor, indeed!

But, hey, at least he won the “strange new respect” award for the weekend, what with Rashida whispering “come up and see my impeachment etchings sometime,” and Mittens Romney praising his courage, then all the Democrat-Media complex rushing to promote him, that must have been quite a giddy few days!

Please enjoy this ‘Tina Toon’ from Grrr Graphics, and below, the essence of the conflict is neatly captured by Dark Angel Politics:

Amash turns Donkey

Dark-Angel Amash Conflict

H/T American Thinker for the background.