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The ‘Great Pearl Controversy’ of 2019 Thanks to Bloomberg Paid Hacktivist Shannon Watts

Shannon Watts

Today was the big hearing on the horrifying Red Flag law aka House Bill 687. A gun control bill written by an out-of-state organization and pushed by New Hampshire Democrat Debra Altschiller.

It was your typical gun control hearing. The opponents of the bill outnumbered the supporters and Moms Demand, as usual, had to ship people up from out-of-state to pretend they have more than a few members IN the state.

But this time, Michael Bloomberg sent fraud and paid hacktivist Shannon R. Watts to the hearing.

Why on Earth would Watts attend a Red Flag hearing in New Hampshire when she doesn’t even attend the ones in her own state of Colorado????? Interesting indeed.

As usual, the Women’s Defense League was there in force with their supporters (who are actually from New Hampshire) and as usual, they were handing out pearls for all supporters to wear. They had stickers as well, again, as usual.

Some of the Committee members were wearing the pearls in support of the Women’s Defense League because they support actual women’s rights. Of course, the Women’s Defense League is against any legislation that infringes upon women’s rights, especially when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.

Watts wouldn’t know this because she doesn’t live in New Hampshire so she tweeted out the following idiocy:

Of course, this isn’t true but that never stops an idiot from proving to the world they are indeed an idiot.

Not only did Watts make a fool of herself but her followers as well like NH Young Democrats:


And the best tweets were from presidential hopefuls (who clearly didn’t learn from their Jussie Smollett mistake) Kamala Harris and Cory Booker:


We explained the truth to them but that didn’t seem to matter:

Again, pearls have been a symbol for the Women’s Defense League for the past several years. You wanna know the story?

Several years ago during a  Constitutional Carry hearing (I believe it was Senate Bill 116) held in, ironically, the same hall as the hearing today, the Women’s defense League’s Legislative Team was donned in suits/business professional attire and we just randomly happened to all be wearing pearls.

Representatives Hall was jam packed with supporters of the legislation and only a few Moms Demand people showed up in their cheap t-shirts purchased for them by Michael Bloomberg.

When asked by Adam Sexton of WMUR why none of them testified, Melissa Rigazio claimed they felt like they were in front of a “firing squad.”

Firing squad? Women who are Moms dressed professionally, wearing pearls, testifying to end state-sanctioned discrimination against women, minorities, LGBT and other Granite Staters. What could possibly have caused that ridiculous reaction?

And so, pearls became the symbol of the Women’s Defense League.

Ever since that hearing, the League has donned pearls; handed out pearls at hearings and events and Susan Olsen, the Legislative Director, even put a string of pearls around Governor Sununu’s neck when he signed Constitutional Carry into law.

The pearls represent FREEDOM, something Moms Demand, Michael Bloomberg, Shannon R. Watts and NH Democrats all ABHOR. The pearls represent support of the Women’s Defense League and ACTUAL WOMEN’S RIGHTS. Again, something Moms Demand, Bloomberg and Watts all ABHOR.

I have some advice for Watts – better to be thought a fool and keep your mouth shut than to open it and prove you’re an actual fool to the world.

And that is a breakdown of ‘The Great Pearl Controversy’ of 2019.

Of course, no one is talking about how destructive and horrific the Red Flag legislation will be to law-abiding gun owners, maybe that was the intent.

This is what happens when out-of-state hacktivists push gun control in the Live Free or Die State of New Hampshire. They embarrass themselves and their followers.

By the way… don’t forget about the Women’s Defense League’s 5th Annual 2A Rally on Saturday from 12-3 at the State House… and YES, we’ll have more pearls…