Where's Ruthie? Is She A Mistress Of Disguise? - Granite Grok

Where’s Ruthie? Is She A Mistress Of Disguise?

As Steve Pointed out, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is MIA, and increasingly anxious progressives have mounted an RBG watch, but have yet to see her in public anywhere.

Indeed, I’m sure it won’t be long before an entire “Ruthie spotting” cottage industry springs up, replete with sightings in remote locations, encounters with UFOs, and anything else that the lefty imagination can cook up.

I submit to you that the “Notorious RBG” is in fact a mistress of disguise, and is building up her strength by walking around her old, ahem, haunts, dressed so that a casual glance would slide right off her. We all know that garish costume tricks the brain into recoiling at the sight and missing the person entirely. Indeed, that is the entire reason why Waldo was so hard to find! Make sure YOU don’t miss her, like the hapless Capitol Police below.

Just to be clear, much as we all would like RBG to retire, we want her to recover fully and enjoy that retirement.