Tweet Of The Day: Trump Labels Lizzie - Granite Grok

Tweet Of The Day: Trump Labels Lizzie

Yesterday, the 2020 campaign began. Elizabeth Warren (Socialist, MA) announced her new twitter handle and presidential campaign exploratory committee, along with a truly awful video of her drinking beer in her kitchen.

Trump wasted no time with this tweet (image above) further diminishing her “Cherokee” status. Trump won 2016, at least in part, by attaching derisive labels to his opponents – let the labeling begin!

Add to that the Boston Globe’s assertions that she should not run because she could not win the upper Midwest states, and she’s looking like a female Dukakis, completely unaware of her own ludicrousness!

Remember, too, that Trump baited Lizzie into taking a DNA test, which she published even though it showed she was whiter than the average Scandinavian, and now it’s a club with which to beat her. Ahh, the winning!