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MCP: Muslim Community Patrol, or Something Else?

Immigrant community watch groups have a long tradition of helping the police keep law and order. In New York, longstanding Asian and Jewish community patrols are trained by police to be “eyes and ears,” and to know when to call for backup.

Not so much the new Muslim Community Patrols in NYC’s Bay Ridge neighborhood – driving around in cars outfitted and logo’d to look like city police vehicles, the group is not officially sanctioned by or affiliated with the city’s police. Indeed, NYPD were quite clear about it:

… in a statement to PJ Media on Wednesday, the NYPD disavowed any link to the Muslim Community Patrol. Any attempts to enforce Sharia (Islamic law) would not be sanctioned by the police.

“This is not an NYPD vehicle,” Sergeant Jessica McRorie told PJ Media. “The NYPD did not outfit or label this vehicle. This group is not officially sanctioned by the NYPD and they are subject to the law.”

In fact, reading the article at American Thinker, I found so much which was noteworthy and snarkworthy that I had to make a few observations – first the obvious concern that any such patrols would be used to promote or enforce Sharia law, then the second class status of women subject to “observation” by such patrols, the obvious taqiyya in the deceptive stying of the “patrol” cars, and finally the unfortunate choice of “MCP” for a group of men who feel superior to women (and just about everybody else).
In case I’m not connecting the dots well enough, here’s a pork (sorry, poke) at their vehicles’ paint scheme:

Yes, that’s right, MCP is also “Male Chauvinist Pig,” an insult thrown at men who were a bit too full of themselves by early feminists, before the FemiNazism took hold. The men took it in good sport, and Trump-like, doubled down by wearing neckties and other apparel with pig logos, like this tie. (I think I have one somewhere.)

Once I stopped ROFLMAO over the unfortunate and highly appropriate choice of “MCP” as their moniker, it occurred to me that Orwell’s writings were perfect for the occasion – not only are Muslims who follow Sharia naturally Male Chauvinist Pigs, but the pigs feel that they “are more equal than others,” taqiyya is a stone-age version of “DoubleThink,” and real pigs are anathema to extremist Muslims. The vehicle practically re-branded itself!

Original photo by @AlwaysActions