Gomez, Morticia and Pugsley Want To Arrange YOUR Funeral

Much fun was made of the wooden, almost morbid, presentation of Chuck ‘n Nancy’s border wall rebuttal on Tuesday night, but it took Rush Limbaugh’s fertile imagination to recast them as morticians in a funeral parlor, complete with a casket and Adam “Pugsley” Schiff in the background.

These are the people who are happy to protect their families with walls, but not yours, so their obstinacy about border security is tantamount to arranging your funeral. Just ask Ronal Singh’s family, or Kate Steinle’s family!

Based on Rush’s image, and a quick read on the history of Morticia, Gomez, and son Pugsley who was ‘not quite right,’ I couldn’t help but add Addams Family names to the image.
Not quite right? Pugsley Addams Schiff, indeed!

Image Courtesy RushLimbaugh.com