Palate Cleanser: Black Rifle Caffeinates a PRIUS!!

Imagine, if you can, an ultimate killing machine mounted on the ultimately quiet vehicle so beloved by liberals. Imagine a super caffeinated coffee company owned and run by veterans. Then imagine those veterans mounting a military surplus Vulcan Cannon on a Prius – Run silent, shoot deep!!

These are the people of Black Rifle Coffee Company, and this is a true story from their “Coffee or Die” Magazine (I guess that’s a double-entendre for “magazine” there!)…..

This is their Prius, at home on the range:


And this is how they put it together. Oh, and BTW, a little over 10 seconds of ammo would pay for the vehicle!!


You’ll never look at a Prius the same way again – a mean green, fighting machine!!

Read the full article in their Coffee or Die magazine or check out their great coffee – you can log in and buy with your Amazon account, too.

H/T a regular reader.