Melania Trump – Grace Under (Media) Fire

Melania Trump joined the President in a trip to Al Asad Air base in Iraq late on Christmas Day – in flight even as the usual asses were on TV braying that Trump was not going to visit troops this Christmas.

Displaying grace, poise, and elegant dress sense, as usual, the media were left with slim pickings, but pick, they did, with Yahoos News claiming that: ‘Melania Trump Mocked for Wearing Timberland Boots

Naturally there was pushback, with one of the best being this image from Terrell Aftermath (bonus Churchill quote, too):

And what was this awful outfit? Judge for yourselves, but I think she looks very elegant, and BTW, The Donald put her on first to address the troops. Mustard yellow suede belted blouse, dark green pants, and (media gasp) Timberland boots.