Dems Seeking A Better Life Are Leaving The Plantation #Blexit #WalkAway - Granite Grok

Dems Seeking A Better Life Are Leaving The Plantation #Blexit #WalkAway

Democrats always make a big thing about caring for the little guy, but we remember 2012 when they admitted they were no longer competing for the votes of the white working class. In their desperation to cobble together a patchwork quilt coalition of ever smaller “protected classes,” the Dems are losing working class voters of all stripes and colors, to whom the self improvement offered by the Trump economy is more attractive than freebies from, and subservience to, the Democrat Plantation.

The Democrat elites may not be the Southern landowners any more, but they are rich, and they resent escapees who dare to think for themselves. Ben Garrison shows how little the message has changed in 150 years – maybe they won’t whip you for trying to leave, but you’ll get a lot more than fifty lashes on Twitter and other social media!

Dear Democrats, I paraphrase Trump’s exhortation: “Join us – what have you got to lose?”