Dastardly Denizens Of Maxine's Deep Waters - Granite Grok

Dastardly Denizens Of Maxine’s Deep Waters

Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to color everything the left says and does, and one of the least filtered denizens of the left’s ‘leadership’ is Maxine ‘swamp’ Waters. Here Ben Garrison captures some of those denizens….

From Ben’s notes:

Maxine Waters may best represent the state of the Democrat Party right now. It’s becoming far-left, loudly intolerant of compromise and above all, it’s overflowing with anti-Trump hatred……

Trump Derangement Syndrome is causing the Democrats to detach from reason, logic and reality. Maxine Waters may have the most severe case of the disease and she’s easily baited……

Maxine’s Waters is a dangerous place.

It’s filled with rip tides of irrationality, money-sucking whirlpools, socialist eddies and Deep State sharks. Yet there is laughter, too. Adam Schiff and his sputtering puffery and Sponge Chuck Full Pants Schumer for example. Regardless, the Democrats are making sure there will be no smooth sailing for Trump.