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Another North Korea? Venezuela Goes Dark

Socialism kills, again. The second largest city in Venezuela, Maracaibo, was the oil hub of the country, and should never run out of energy, but Socialism can ruin anything!

Early on the morning of August 31st, Maracaibo was lit up, possibly for the last time in a few years, by a chain reaction of substation and transformer fires, even melted power wires in the streets, as the final phase of communist mismanagement of the energy supply morphed into complete disaster. Bonus – the Cubans have been “helping” Venezuela manage its electrical grid since 2010.

Brownouts and blackouts have become increasingly common over the past few years, and now, the locals desperately suck whatever power they can get, whenever they can get it, until the substations, transformers, and wires fail under the peak loads. When a three-phase distribution system goes out of balance due to one phase failing, the voltages and currents on the other two phases increase dramatically, with results like these

Can Bernie and Alexandria explain this? From American Thinker:

Through the miracle of socialism, Venezuela’s equivalent to Houston can’t even keep the lights on. It’s also an amazing irony for a second reason: In one of V.I. Lenin’s most noted speeches before the Council of the People’s Commissars in 1920, he famously declared: Communism is Soviet Power plus electrification of the whole country. Sure thing, Vlad. What did socialists use before candles? Yup, electricity.