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The NY Times Doesn’t Do Sarcasm

Goes on full page rant about Trump referring to the “Beautiful Nellie Ohr” and the “Lovely Lisa Page,” entirely missing the point!

I was listening to Ken Matthews guesting on the Rush Limbaugh show last Monday, which just happened to be the day that smirking Peter Strzok was fired from the FBI, and he mentioned the NY Times rant by Maggie Haberman, who was outraged that Trump would refer to women’s appearance using words such as “beautiful” and “lovely.” But as I listened to Matthews, it struck me that Trump was using sarcasm which, just like humor, goes straight over the heads of the left.

I mean, just look: Lisa Page leads with her teeth, in photos as well as caricatures, and Nellie Ohr looks like a Hippie Haystack, yet Trump uses over the top compliments for people who have worked overtime to harm him. Misogyny, or sarcasm? You be the judge!

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Bonus William Banzai 7 art of Smirking Strzok and Lisa ‘teeth’ Page:

Original Artwork by William Banzai 7
Original Artwork by William Banzai 7