Don't Miss D'Souza's "Death Of A Nation" - Granite Grok

Don’t Miss D’Souza’s “Death Of A Nation”

Once again a valuable history lesson from D’Souza, who firmly believes that America is the last, best, hope for man on earth. You can tell it hits its target by the truly terrible reviews published by the left-leaning film critics, and the rave reviews by the actual audiences. Don’t Miss It!

A historical comparison of the Democratic Party and the parallels with Nazi Germany and Facist Italy, making the point that black or brown-shirted thugs and racism, coupled with a superiority complex are indeed the hallmarks of the left, everywhere and everywhen.

Especially noteworthy is how much America’s left, right up to the Oval Office, admired the “efficiency” of fascistic regimes in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s, and how those regimes in turn admired “progressive” developments in the USA, like Eugenics and its, ahem, offspring, Planned Parenthood.

Were you taught in school that Fascism was a thing of the right? What if D’Souza showed you how the American left devised their own “big lie” at the end of WWII to repeat “Fascism is a right wing phenomenon” until it permeated society’s consciousness?

D’Souza also notes that Lincoln united a deeply divided nation, and was hated by the Democrat elites of his day. He does not suggest that Trump is Lincoln, but does draw the parallel of extreme hatred by the left, and the possibility of him being the right man for the occasion.

Don’t Miss It – last week in NH!
American Thinker says “It stands up to criticism.”
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