So, The NHGOP Wants To Chat About November... - Granite Grok

So, The NHGOP Wants To Chat About November…

If the GayStapo take the prize, you'll get the crumbs!
If the GayStapo take the prize, you’ll get the crumbs!

Many of you will have received the NHGOP email “Can We Chat?” (about November), requesting support, and vowing to elect more Republicans – even to keep the corner office…

Uhhh. About that last one… Look, Jeannie got me to do what Jennifer Horn could not – sign up as a regular monthly donor – but that last goal is a stretch: If you appease less than 2% of the population over an issue which is unpopular with your base, you are likely to lose enough votes to be booted out.
I wrote back:

Can we have a chat about our governor?

Blames the party for bad messaging on bills he should have influenced, because he doesn’t seem to realize “Le parti, c’est Moi!”

Sununu HB1319Your plan ought to be to keep the legislature and EC, because he’s giving away 20% of the vote to appease 2% of the population, most of whom STILL won’t vote for him!

I’ll keep up the monthly contribution and help worthy candidates wherever I can, but pro “choice,” pro predator, policies turn off a lot of his base.

Say what you will about Sununu senior, but he certainly did grasp, perhaps a little too firmly, that indeed “Le parti, c’est Moi!”   Chris, no matter whether it’s good or bad for your base, the message “the party” is sending will be seen as yours – don’t be hijacked!