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Boulder, CO, Outlaws AR15s And More

And take your AR15 with you! (Zero Dean Images)
And take your AR15 with you! (Zero Dean Images)

First the pioneers went west, then some of them went soft, then the Californians turned away from their ruined state looking for fresh challenges. First, the state of Colorado outlawed the products of Magpul, Inc, causing them to take their jobs and taxes out of state….

Now, the town council of the nouveau-liberal paradise of Boulder, CO, like their brethren in Deerfield, IL, have chosen to defy and test the will of their people to keep and bear arms by unanimously passing a ban on “assault weapons” like AR15s, Rifle-BecauseImBlack large capacity magazines (such as used with many handguns), and more. If you already possess a banned weapon, you will have until the end of this year to have the police certify that you had prior ownership (IE register your weapon for the next phase).

Notice that, as usual, our overlords and their protectors have exempted themselves – from the article:

the purchase of new assault weapons is prohibited for Boulder residents who are not members of law enforcement, government officers or military personnel.

They just don’t get it: THEY are the people we need to defend ourselves from!