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Still Couch Surfing in Boulder – Without the Couch

Kevin Peter Pan BeckRemember the drunken troll who used to take advantage of the Granite Grok comments section to deflect from his miserable life?

How about a refresher course on Kevin Beck!

He has (no job, no meaningful employment, currently, no couch to surf on) but some spare time to write some sort of blog.

Here is one of the only samples of Beckola that does not have something to do with excrement. He is taking on, single-handedly, a Christian runner group, because, you know – Christians.


 May 19

Oh, and the idea that destroying his pitiful little operation is my top priority in life is about nine priorities off. Unlike Steve, I actually have work, friends, volunteering, etc. to attend to. 4 Winds is a multi-decade failure without my or anyone’s help.”

In Kevin Beck’s wildest sober fantasies, he has “work, friends, volunteering, etc.” That is a laugh.

The “etc.” must be the long criminal record and public drunkenness awards he receives from local police wherever he goes or hitchhikes.

Currently, Kevin is no longer interested in trolling Granite Grok. His updated calendar only has room for harassing women he has some failed association with –  from being a running “expert.”

Hey Kevin, listen to your mum for once. Jogging doesn’t pay!

I will attempt to serve a public duty to America at large and out this internet nut as he goes on petty, imaginary vendettas, basted with your typical Beckish semi-sober rants and ever-present poopy talk.

How Beck ever found Granite Grok, I will never know or care. But now he can at least serve as an example of the most pathetic kind of troll progressivism has to offer.

Here is the self-prescribed therapy jobless Beck administers to himself on Twitter.

He used to do this exact same stuff on Granite Grok.