Granite Grok Endorses Steve Negron in NH's Second Congressional District - Granite Grok

Granite Grok Endorses Steve Negron in NH’s Second Congressional District

Steve Negron at WDL 2A Rally
Steve Negron at WDLNH 2A Rally (‘Grok image)

Every election in NH is really a race in three parts: 1) for political activists to serve on campaigns, endorsements, and donors, 2) to win the primary election, and 3) to win the general election. That first race is nearing its end. We at the ‘Grok have been studying the candidates, listening to their words, and reading their campaign materials to evaluate where they stand in OUR eyes.

Regular readers know what our standards are based on, how high our bar is, and what a candidate needs to show us in order to earn our endorsement. What you may not know is that every GraniteGrok author gets to vote for whom the ‘Grok will endorse as a whole in a given race. They may also write about or endorse any candidate of their choosing regardless of the results of the “team” vote.

The last few years, we have given out few endorsements even if asked; they must be able to supply a credible answer to our ever-present question: “Do we have to wonder how they will vote?” After all, “Winning is only a precursor; what you do afterward is of most importance.”  We want to be able to TRUST that we will NEVER have to worry about someone’s vote on a given bill or topic.

With that in mind, we have made our selection in NH’s Second Congressional District primary race.

Steve Negron.

We watched, we listened, and we read. He also got the chance to tell us his story – the military (Air Force, Major), the military industry, his political history. He also had to undergo quite the grilling from us.

We gave no quarter (what, you expected otherwise from us?) on anything; any question on any issue or topic was based on the NH and US Constitutions and the NH GOP Platform. We listened more and pursued (yep, I think he’d agree that “pursued” is what we did) more, and more answers based on his answers (unlike some, he always came over when one of us was at an event and made sure to say hi; we made sure to ask questions).

We not only unearthed every stone – we threw a few at him too! Did he answer ALL of our questions in a satisfactory manner?  Honestly, no, but then again, very few politicians can. However, in the end, we believe that he earned our votes for an endorsement – we now ask you for your vote come September for Steve Negron.

Originally posted 5-29-18 6:00am