The Real Collusion Story

Hillary-Clinton-and-Vladimir-PutinStrap yourselves in ladies and gentleman. National Review has a story that is as massive in length as it is in importance.  A long, detailed look at Obama, Democrats, and the Clinton Campaign, their activities, and the effort to smear Trump too, for lack of a better term, to keep themselves from getting caught and to protect the progressive wreckage of Obama’s legacy.

We know that Clinton lied to the FBI, deliberately moved classified documents in an email on an unprotected server and that the FBI covered it all up because that is what Obama and Loretta Lynch wanted, not just to protect Hillary but to protect Obama.

He knew about the server, the email, and participated in the frauds and felonies. Comey had to hide all that, and the web of lies and deceits is deep and wide.

Read all of it if you can, though I don’t suspect Liberals will get too far – but keep this in mind. National Review, while no friend of Obama or Hillary, can’t stand Trump.

And yet here we are.

Strzok, Page, McCabe, Steele, Fusion GPS, the Dossier created to blackmail Trump, DNC collusion against Bernie, stuff you knew, suspected and might find surprising.

The article is far too long to excerpt effectively here, but for those who read it, please come back with pull-quotes and comments for the greater Grok community.

Any parts we have not embraced yet we’ll find time to pick at in separate posts, but the sitting President, the FBI, DoJ, the DNC, and the Clinton campaign are all guilty of collusion on a scale that makes Nixon look like a piker.

It’s epic felonious conduct. A Treasonous coverup before the election and a treasonous collusion after. But will anyone ever really pay?

That all depends on who inside the FBI, NSA, CIA, and other related agencies know and care about their reputation. A Deep State catharsis rooted in the collapse of the Russia Collusion narrative that leads back to Hillary’s illegal server an all parties involved.

If something is brewing it will need to break before the November elections and based on how Republicans are behaving legislatively, it will have to be big to save their lazy asses from what happened to Democrats in 2010.