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A Short History of Entitlement Abuse and Healthcare Deception in New Hampshire

Bradley care full size Medic adeIf you’d like to browse through a detailed overview of New Hampshire’s history of entitlement abuse, then I’ve got the article for you. It starts like this.

Today, the New Hampshire Senate began a public debate about reauthorizing Obamacare Medicaid expansion. Since 1991, New Hampshire has been funding a large portion of its general fund from a Medicaid scam loophole. We have since expanded the program and are now proposing to deceptively use the opioid crisis to expand and make more permanent our 27-year orgy of fiscal irresponsibility.

Along the way, we get bits and pieces of a scam that’s been unrolling over the backs of future generations for, well, generations.

New Hampshire has one of the worst opioid problems in the country. Despite evidence that shows that the death rate from opioid overdoses has increased more in states that have expanded Medicaid and that there is no evidence linking more expanded Medicaid to opioid treatment success, Jeb didn’t want to waste the virtue signaling PR potential of using the opioid crisis to protect our general fund.

Remember, this isn’t about the opioid crisis, and it’s not even about Medicaid. It is about funding part of New Hampshire’s budget using federal Medicaid money. If this program goes away, New Hampshire will be faced with the consequences of 27 years of poor financial management built on an unsound financing scheme.

There’s too much to share, but it’s very interesting so please read it all, process it, and share your thoughts here. If time and energy permits we can look at pieces of this as separate posts and work them that way.