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Schiff Out Of luck

Trump and Cohen Ali GLong before Donald Trump ran into Adam Schiff, he outclassed another phony, a so-called comedian, posing as a rapper. Trump agreed to sit through an interview with the fake rapper. It did not go well for the guy who thought punking Trump would be easy.

If you look at the clip, it took Donald Trump about 20 seconds to counter-punk the fake rapper.

The fake rapper claims Donald Trump was fooled and didn’t walk out of this interview. Trump walked out of the fake interview.

Adam Schiff, pay attention!

The fake rapper trying to punk Donald Trump 13 years ago is way more intelligent than you are. Maybe you can go into standup comedy after your stint as a congressman in California.

Or you could go to work for CNN.

See how an FBI spokesman handled the same fake interview.

The ATF was interviewed as well.

Notice the difference between a savvy businessman and government bureaucrats?

Good luck Adam Schiff.