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In Its Rush To Please Ruling Class Progressives, Facebook Sort of, Kind of, Screws Itself

zuckerberg, FacebookRemember when Facebook was super-giddy-helpful with announcing that the Russians were using Facebook Ads to influence the 2016 Elections? Hey, progressives look at us pimping the narrative du jour!

Well, someone in Seattle realized Facebook was collecting cash (probably a lot of cash) for political ads and failing to properly report who was buying those ads as required by law.

Reuters Reports that,

Seattle’s election authority said on Monday that Facebook Inc is in violation of a city law that requires disclosure of who buys election ads, the first attempt of its kind to regulate U.S. political ads on the internet.

The amplification of Facebook’s contention about Russian Ads by the left (which Russia denies) leads to the story in a Seattle paper that got someone to connect the dots. Dots connected, the city began asking.

Facebook didn’t have an answer. Not right away. But they appear eager to please.

Given the scope of the request, the city is allowing more time to comply, especially after an initial “report” was deemed woefully inadequate.

At least they’re trying, which is good until the city decides it would rather collect the fines at a price tag of $5000.00/ ad buy.

Google is also on the hook but they too have been given time to figure out how to satisfy the cities reporting laws.

Who thinks this ends here?

Now that Seattle has let the cat out of the bag every other state or municipality with every sort of political ad reporting requirement will want their own report. Not just any report, but a special report that meets their boutique reporting requirements. That will require time, energy, labor hours, bandwidth, lots of new code, and people whose sole job (lost of people) will be to manage, compile and deliver reports to the entities that require them, or else.

Sure, they have a lot of money but now they’ll have a lot less, all because Zuckerberg’s progressive little brown-nosers wanted to make nice with the ruling class elites and their media dogs.

It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.