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HB 628: Coos County Reps Vote to Tax Your Income.

taxesBy Kevin Craig

I am dismayed that the entire Coös County delegation, both Democrat, and Republican, voted for an income tax on all non-public employees, via House Bill 628, the “Family Medical Leave Insurance” bill. The only exceptions were Robert Theberge, who voted nay, Bing Judd, who didn’t vote, and Edith Tucker, who was excused.

Supporters deny that it is an income tax, but it literally requires that employers collect and remit a percentage of employees’ wages: that is the very definition of an income tax.

Supporters also claim that it is voluntary, which is not true. Employers are required to remit the tax. Employees have a one-time chance to opt out, before commencing employment, but only after downloading and printing out a state form, and seeking out and paying for a notary public, to notarize and deliver the forms to both the employer and the state. Otherwise, they will automatically be taxed on their income.

There is one chance to stop this in the Finance committee, so please contact them. And please contact the governor, urging him to veto it should it ever reach his desk. Once an income tax starts, it won’t stop at 0.67%, and it won’t stop at FMLI.

Kevin Craig


Editors note: Emphasis not in original