What Really Caused The Cr@pstorm Over The Sh–hole Comment

Graham-Durbin-Flake tried to sandbag Trump over Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status, but got ambushed instead.

Big WH meeting Earlier this week, President Trump held a big, public bipartisan immigration meeting to air some of the options and lay out his requirements. In that meeting, he seemed almost TOO willing to consider Democrat ideas, telling the group of lawmakers “bring me a bill, and I’ll take the heat.” Also, for the last few weeks, Lindsey Grahamnesty has been buttering up Donald Trump, with all kinds of flattery with, as now seems apparent, the objective of slipping all kinds of amnesty and MORE immigration into that DACA fix.

trump-donald-durbin-dick-immigrationWell, Senator Graham, and fellow “gang” members Dick Durbin and Jeff Flake, Trump is a little less vain and shallow than you have assumed. Did you really think that having Jeff Flake call Trump and effectively saying “Have we got a deal for YOU!” would not make him suspicious? Did you really think rolling out a scheme with MORE refugees clinging on to Temporary Protected Status, and MORE chain migration would just slip right by Trump because he’s dumb and flattery operated?

Oh, boy, did they get a rude awakening! First, no sooner had the ‘gang of 6’ arrived in the Cabinet room than the doors opened and Trump’s conscience walked in – no, not the disgraced Bannon, but conservatives Tom Cotton, David Perdue, and Bob Goodlatte, who are staunch opponents of amnesty. From there, the negotiations could only go downhill as the gang laid out positions which were pure anathema to Trump, eventually causing him to explode and demand to know why we would want more immigrants from (exact word is disputed) sh!thole countries like Haiti or some countries in Africa. Yes, they think WE’RE stupid – apparently they thought Trump would be a pushover, too!

To paraphrase ‘Uncle’ Joe Biden, there was “No F-ing Deal” and ol’ Dick ‘Turban’ was mad as hell, which is why he ran to the nearest microphone claiming that the racist President had insulted all these fine countries who send us such great immigrants as murderers, rapists, and gang members. Also see the video of Thursday night’s “Ingraham Angle.”