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Tales from the BudComm – differing standards

budget-holeWell, the last night of the Budget Season was last Thursday nite. A long nite – from 6:30pm and I didn’t get home until after midnight.  Did we get all of the surface analysis done and talked to all of the right people at mostly the right time?  Yes, the BudComm did.  Sadly, do I think we did the job right?  No, due to a lack of time to really do the second and third level analysis of the data, especially on the School District side (which is about twice the size of the Municipality / Town budget). And a couple of technical problems with the state statutes.

Oh, and on the School District side, standards make a difference.  What do you think about this – do you see what I see?:

NH Board Gilford School
  Num. Of of Education Standard
Students Max Preferred Min Max
Middle School Grade 5 80 30 25 18 23
Grade 6 79 30 18 23
Grade 7 79 30 18 23
Grade 8 84 30 18 23
GMS Total 322

So for anyone out there – does anyone have a utilization model set up already for students / classes / teachers?  Otherwise, I’m going to be creating my own.  After all, the BudComm is the last bastion of defense of the tax payers money, but man, once you start digging, it is more and more digging…

To be continued…